"Vulnerable Critters" opens in La Casa Encendida, Madrid

May 27, 2022

"Vulnerable Critters," an exhibition curated by Ivan L. Munuera and Andrea Bagnato, opens now in La Casa Encendida, Madrid!

For the show, all(zone) was commissioned a new work, "All That ... Melts into Air."

The work is a continuation of our ongoing study, Lighthouse, and how 'light architecture' can response to the Covid-19 pandemic in the tropical climate.
During the peak of Covid-19 in 2021, we worked with the Faculty of Public Health, Mahidol University, to help address the problems of domestic transmission between hospital workers exacerbated by the sub-standard living conditions. These 'essential' workers have no choice but to live in cramped households where isolation is impossible and ventilation less than adequate. Due to the urgency of the situation, the solutions proposed were quick and easy how-to that could be implemented right away.

Following the experience, we saw the necessity for a midterm solution that can better address these problems, which will surely return with the next pandemic. The installation itself is an abstract section of the proposed midrise building. The 4.8m x 4.8m main living space is surrounded by a 1.2m semi-outdoor veranda that provides space for other activities more prone to germs transmission such as cooking or washing. A temporary quarantine unit can be propped up and attached to the veranda when necessary, providing space for isolation during the pandemic and an extension of the living space in other times. Ultimately, the veranda becomes a buffer zone between the outdoor and the indoor, between the clean and the (possibly) contaminated.

"Vulnerable Critters" runs from 27 May until 18 September. If you have a chance to be in Madrid, please come visit the show!

"All that ... Melts into Air" (2022)

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