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A proposition for Sharjah by all(zone)
Sharjah Architecture Triennial #1

The norm of thermal comfort in UAE depends greatly on air-conditioned space on 24/7 with the indoor temperature of under 20 degree C. The extreme temperature difference between indoor and outdoor during the day always keeps people inside. New buildings tend to become a mega air-conditioned structure encompassing all activities such as in the case of the new typology of the public school in Sharjah. The inhabitants become less and less exposed to natural environment. The excessive use of active cooling system as such tends to grow higher as well as the CO2 emission.

The proposition aims to address the norm of thermal comfort. Instead of enlarging air-conditioned space to prevent the discomfort from a sudden thermal change, we propose ‘a transitional climatic space’ to mediate the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor.

With the principle of passive cooling, the intricate fabric roof is designed to give a cover to the courtyard adjacent to an air-conditioned gallery in Al Qasimiyah School to create the transitional space. During the day, the heat from the ground which is the major contribution to the air temperature is reduced by the shade of the roof in the courtyard. The outdoor air will be cooled down, reducing the temperature difference. During the night, when the air temperature above the ground drops greatly, the heat remained in the ground will be transferred to the atmosphere via the porous pattern of the fabric roof.

The proposition does not only hope to initiate a passive cooling awareness for new buildings but also to bring a transformation existing buildings to meet a thermal condition that allows its inhabitants to live better both indoor and outdoor.

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United Arab Emirates
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Rachaporn Choochuey
Wittida Payormyong
Archaraporn Vachirasrisuntree
Thanaphat Sangkharom
Aniroot Unjai
Mai Kitmungsa
Pawat Chaijinda
Sirirak Wongsim
Rapeepat Keawthip
Nonthachai Kraikhong

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Atch Sreshthaputra


Archaraporn Vachirasrisuntree

Mai Kitmungsa

Sirirak Wongsim