DURIFLEX Warehouse

Samut Sakorn
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In a dry and ubiquitous industrial neighborhood on the fringe of Bangkok metropolis, stands the headquarter of Duriflex. For decades, its made-to-order production has been leading the local furniture market. Its growing dead stock results in this expansion project, a new display/storage space for walk-in customers.

Executed mainly by utilitarian aspects like any industrial type, the new building is roofed with two light-weight structural vaults made of folded metal sheet— a minimum use of material substance for such a long-spanned coverage. The big vault covers the main storage spaces on both levels. The small vault serves as the main entrance and loading area, leading customers to the upper level where the stock is displayed. The building assimilates with its surrounding structure by the application of generic materials widely used on local industrial architecture. Strong tropical light is filtered through the breathing skin of translucent and opaque louvers, allowing a total natural ventilation inside. Thus, energy consumption is zero during the daytime.

Amidst the company's material supply stocks, there is a wooden log believed to be the ‘house’ of a local spirit, a blessing protector revered by the factory workers. This supernatural deserves its own superrational placement. As the rest of the stocks is stored in the warehouse, this sacred log is erected on the front façade, consecrated as the spiritual pillar of the building, supporting, protecting, and bringing fortune to the company. Since then, they have lived happily after.

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Samut Sakorn
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