Mixed Use Bangkok

100 Trends from the BMW Guggenheim Lab

The investigation of Bangkok through the keyword ‘Mixed Use’ firstly sounded rather simple. However, the task turned to be quite complex since it is almost impossible to find anything ‘unmixed’ in the city. Exploring every level of our lives, we found that objects, activities, space, buildings, urban elements are mixing, blending, combining, superimposing in various scales. The mixture could be formed without any clear initiation of spatial configuration and grows naturally like a living organism. In some cases, the mixture is formed to push the boundary beyond an existing clearly defined situation or physical condition. Many cases, a situation is even designed with very loose framework to allow various activities. Almost nothing remains unmixed.

Being too familiar and almost unaware of the extreme mixture we have been living in, we began to ask ‘why’ people (including us) would not mind of the situation that seems improper from modernist’s viewpoint, what is the aspect of space/place in relation to activities in people’s perception that allows the complexity in the city.

Learning from Bangkok, the project offers an extreme scenario of mixed use conditions as  a city where all inhabitants play also the role of ‘an urban designer’ who gives a small personal solutions – SELF-COLLAGE CITY. It is a game with clear rules, everyone is a player, every one is a designer. Architecture is an open platform, ready to be mixed.