Act Naturally

Jim Thompson Farm, Nakorn Rachasrima / Jim Thompson Art Center, Bangkok / 2011-2012

The installation is at Jim Thompson Farm for Art on Farm Project. As architects, our aim for the installation is to define a temporary ‘place’ for dining in natural environment. The place would bring people to the act of socializing while eating in public naturally, even with strangers. Colorful light structures made out of semi-transparent fabric are added into the existing woods to draw people in and guide their behaviors and movements through the space. Traditional hanging paper-cut decoration, Mahot usually used in a local festival is the starting typology of form for the structure because of its simplicity, playful and locality. The geometry and materiality of the paper cut is studied and developed further in searching for a form that would act the most naturally in the natural setting. With the light and transparent personality of the fabric, the structures move accordingly with the winds and play with the light, as if they were growing out from the nature.