Bangkok Art and Culture Center, Thailand / March, 2010

The exhibition is a collection of the works of Thai artists and designers who are influenced by Japanese culture in different aspects. The main goal is to express the combination of Thai and Japanese cultural mixture as ‘another-ness’, not Thai, nor Japanese. The main technical difficulty is to display fine art objects with design and miscellaneous cultural objects. The different size ‘paper-house’ structures are designed to house mainly the design objects, leaving the fine art pieces in the gallery space in between. Besides breaking the vast space of the museum into ‘rooms’ and ‘alleys’, the structures create a profile of ‘a village’ with several houses cover by long white paper sheets – the cheapest materials per unit for the interior of such a purpose. The paper also signifies the similarity of light tectonic culture of the two cultures. The layers of the ‘fragile’ walls gives different viewpoints framing objects, creating the layering of space throughout the exhibition.