Materials from Nature

Thailand Creative & Design Center (TCDC), Bangkok / February, 2010

By applying new idea with simple manufacturing process, agricultural leftovers can be turned into new products which are different from existing ones in terms of application. The main objective of the exhibition by Materials Connexion Bangkok is to portray the very high potential of abundant natural materials around to the local Thais. The structure of the exhibition is made out of woven bamboo structure. The typology of the unit is designed by studying a local basket shape and pattern via a very long process of collaboration between the designers and the villagers/craftsmen in the provinces around Bangkok. The units are assembled with a very basic Platonic geometry. Each material can be displayed in a basket categorized by color code. The logotype of the exhibition is also influenced by the characters done by a woven technique. The overall exhibition is very light in order to be moved around the country throughout this year.