The Headquarters

Sukhumvit 49, Bangkok / 2009

Shophouse is the most common building typology of Bangkok during the process of urbanization in the past century. Getting obsolete nowadays because of the usage and the transformation of the environment, Bangkok urban fabric is full of not-properly-utilized shophouses in most of the prime areas.

The project is a transformation of 2 units of shophouse in one of crowded area of Bangkok. Every floor is a working-living unit, a new typology for a small business or live-in studio, that is quite rare type in Bangkok. While the ground level is completely open for parking and plants. The addition parts are the new facades on both front and back made out of the prefabricated concrete blocks – the most common and cheapest construction materials found in the market – which is also acting as a sun shading, a curtain for privacy as well as thief protection device. The facades also create ‘a breathing space’, the space between the big windows and concrete blocks, for smoking, relaxing in the outdoor, plantings as well as air condensing units and service.