Marmalade Sky

Farm Pavilion for Wonderfruit 2017 in collaboration with Jim Thompson / 2017

Marmalade Sky is a project originally created for Wonderfruit Festival in December 2017, a four-day event in an open ground east of Bangkok. Wonderfruit encourages, develops and innovates creative solutions for sustainable living and bring together a global community to celebrate them. The pavilion is designed to fulfil Wonderfruit’s mission: zero footprint, portable and reusable.

Marmalade Sky is a temporary resting shade where you can see through the sky. The 35 x 35 cm. unit of waffle structure made of almost transparent fabric, lightly dyes the sky and casts the shadows during the day, The darker shade is rendered by the off-cut Jim Thompson silk fabric inserted in the units that also illuminate a unique silky light around. The main structure is the simple steel tent poles with portable concrete bases. Several 8.00 x 8.00 m. fabric units are tied with cables hung loosely on the poles, which give its organic shape. The lightness of the fabric allows responsive movements to the breezes and the lights. After the event is over, the pavilion leaves almost no footprints. All components can be dismantled, packed, stored and waited to be reassembled again in a new location with different context.

In January 2018, Marmalade Sky was erected again at Government House of Thailand during Children Day event.