47 Selinunte, Sicily: the Greeks were so cool!

Since last week until yesterday, I was participating in a design workshop/competition in Selinunte, a small archeological site town in Sicily, the biggest and south-most island of Italy. The town is a small summer resort town with the Greek ruins. There is a long page of Selinunte in Wikipedia HERE.

The venue we worked during the workshop was actually in the archeological site. :O very impressive. The vast landscape with ruins, almost without anything in your sight apart from ruins..

An old traditional Sicilian farmhouse was our base in the archeological site (supposedly the biggest archeological site in Europe), it is just few hundreds meters from this temple (Temple E).

Therefore, I had a chance to go there everyday.. many times a day I walked by the temple… under the sun, under the rains..

The whole archeological compound aged around 2300 – 2700 years old… Seeing all these stones, I have to accept that the Greek were so so cool. And compare to them, I am a pretty lousy architect, indeed. -_-”

For the privilege of being there for the workshop, we were allowed to be around the temple at night, after tourist time too. Very impressive, isn’t it?

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